Pharmaceuticals Drive 20% of Health Plan Costs!

Pharmaceuticals Drive 20% of Health Plan Costs!

No one needs to study detailed tables to be aware of the rising costs of prescription drugs.  Daily headlines and your wallet tell the tale.  In 2004, 100ml of Lantus, a basic insulin, was priced at $52.  Today, 15 years later, it is $300.

Take control of the prescription benefit your company offers and buck the trend by decreasing your costs while still offering a robust benefit that rewards you with healthy employees, less presenteeism and absenteeism, and a more appealing bottom line!

Build a Pharmacy Benefit Tailored to Your Company’s Needs:

  • Design your own formulary to include anywhere from 2 to many tiers with varying benefits.
  • Choose the drugs that will be categorized into each tier with professional guidance.
  • Take advantage of covering some over-the-counter medications that have prescription-only counterparts that are much more costly.
  • Provide incentivized categories for certain chronic diseases as part of a wellness/disease management strategy.
  • Take advantage of strategies to mitigate the escalating costs of ever-prevalent specialty medications.


Be the Recipient of the Rebate Dollars That Often are Returned to the Insurer:

  • In the fully insured world, the insurer often receives 100% of the rebates offered from manufacturers for the prescriptions dispensed to your members. In addition to this being a perverse incentive for the placement of more costly drugs on the most advantageous tiers, these amounts are rarely taken into account at renewal.
  • In many self-funded environments, rebates are often distributed among several parties: third party administrators, PBM’s, and sometimes even to brokers.
  • Put an end to these behind-the-curtain designs and use your rebate dollars to help you offset the costs of your drug spend.



  • You have a blank canvas and endless opportunities for creative design.
  • You can address the needs of your specific population, combining robust benefits with cost efficiency.
  • You can be the recipient of rebate dollars that were previously unreported and paid to third parties. Bflix Movies crackstreams movies123 123 movie