KBA Small Business Solutions

Pick One Of Three Plans – Perfect For Any Small Business Or Association

All Plans Include:

  • Benefits Administration Platform
  • Human Resources Consulting Services
  • Document Storage
  • Telemedicine
  • Affordable Ancillary Benefits (Life, Dental, Vision, LTD)
  • The Foundation Plan includes all of the above. It is perfect for the company that wants to offer a valuable, but affordable, benefits package. Health insurance is not included in the Foundation Plan, but employees find that telemedicine is a valuable resource.
  • The Discovery Plan, in addition to the above, provides an employer with the means to offer a pre-tax health insurance contribution to employees. Individual Coverage HRA ‘s (ICHRA’s) are relatively new and allow a company to make the pre-tax contribution to an employee if that employee purchases an ACA approved individual health plan. There is an additional small administration fee associated with an ICHRA, but the employer gets to choose the monthly contribution amount.
  • The Elite Plan is for the company that wants to offer, in addition to the above, a major medical health plan to its employees. KBA specializes in group health insurance, whether fully-insured or self-insured and is ready to help design a major medical plan when appropriate.

Fact: Small business owners are struggling to attract and retain quality employees.

Fiction: Large corporations have a “Benefits Advantage” over small businesses.

Let KBA show you how to level the playing field.

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